Our Adoption Program

Saddleback has had the privilege to work with some of the best humane and rescue organizations in the Northeast to find dogs new homes.  Dogs may come to us for a variety of reasons; they did not do well in a shelter environment; they have a behavior problem that requires work; or they come from a difficult background that may require special placement. Wherever they may have come from, they are all special and deserve great homes.  All of our “shelter pups” have had a thorough behavior evaluation, a complete training program and come with all the follow up services offered to any of our clients.


The adoption fee for each pet is determined by the resources that have been used to get each dog ready for a new home. All dogs have had health examinations, are neutered and current on all vaccinations. 


We request that you call or email us to inquire about any dog that you are interested in so we can talk about suitability for your home.  We want it to be a good match for both sides. Please make an appointment to visit any dog. We ask that you visit your prospective new family member, make a decision and then return to have a complete training lesson.  We spend a lot of time with our adoptive families to help ensure a successful placement.


We stand behind our adoptions and you are always welcome to call for advice. In the rare occasion that it doesn’t work out, the dog is always welcome back at our facility.


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