We know how difficult it is to leave your best friend behind when you go away.  Saddleback offers personalized boarding services dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, happy and safe while in our care.  Because of our extensive behavior background, everything about our boarding services takes into account your dog’s psychological needs as well as the physical.

Of course, they are in a climate controlled environment; they have water 24 hours a day; and they are cleaned, fed and exercised on a regular basis.  Your pet is welcome to use our toys, blankets, etc., but we also invite you to bring beds, blankets and favorite toys that are all washed before returning them to you.  We offer 15 different brands of premium food or you can bring your own. We have refrigeration and a freezer, so homemade diets are not a problem.

If your dog is on medication or recovering from surgery or an illness, we can accommodate their special needs.  Elderly dogs (they love our warm floors!) or puppies require extra TLC and our capable staff gives it willingly.  Does your dog have a behavior or aggression concern?  Our small size and training expertise, makes “problem” dogs not a problem.  They receive the same high quality care that all of our guests receive.

Every dog receives outside play several times daily and there is never an extra fee.  If your dog likes other dogs, we will form small play groups to maximize your dog’s exercise and enjoyment.  Dogs that are not social with other dogs play with our staff!  Our flexibility allows us to individualize how much time each dog spends outside – weather, age, activity level, etc. – all affect how much exercise any dog requires.

Any dog that is here for more than three days gets a bath before they return home at no charge.  Some even get a bath for a day or two stay.  Dogs get dirty when they play and we want your pet to return home clean and ready for your welcome home affection.

If you have more than one dog, you can tell us how best to house them, together or separate.  Dogs can easily be housed together, but split to eat or they can be kenneled separately and play together – your choice and there is no difference in fees.

Nancy was a veterinary technician for several years and has excellent basic health care skills for your dog.  Her husband, Hugh Davis, is a veterinarian and can offer advice, basic medical and emergency care, if the need should arise.  In the event of a true emergency, we are conveniently located 30 minutes from three major emergency clinics offering high quality medical care.

Please call us to discuss your pet’s needs; we want to make your dog’s stay enjoyable for them and worry free for you.
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