Hugh Davis, DVM

 A country veterinarian with cutting edge skills and a soft heart.


 Hugh Davis, DVM was selected for the inaugural class of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.  A1983 graduate, he began a career in small animal medicine that continues to be successful and fulfilling.  His philosophy of veterinary medicine is to put the pet first; he believes in providing the best quality medicine possible for reasonable cost and thoroughly recognizes the importance of pets in a family.
 Dr. Davis worked in a private practice in Kingston, NH shortly after graduation and then purchased the practice in 1985.  Kingston Animal Hospital enjoyed a long and successful life until he sadly closed it in 2000 due to a divorce.  During that time, Dr. Davis saw clients 7 days a week and built a practice where pets were the first priority and owners were part of the decision making process for their animal's care. There were no emergency or specialty clinics then and he became an accomplished surgeon and diagnostician. 
In the last 13 years, Dr. Davis has worked at several small animal hospitals in New Hampshire and Massachusetts; most recently, at the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  He continues to hone his surgical and medical skills by attending seminars, utilizing new technology, and forming professional relationships to give his clients access to the latest and best opportunities for care. While embracing all that is new and available in veterinary medicine, he still holds on to his core values of building relationships with clients and putting the animal first in the care equation.


 Dr. Davis in now ready to begin a new venture. He has so enjoyed and valued the opportunity to serve the Boston area, he is beginning the process of opening his own practice in the city. We are working to have something up and running by fall. In the meantime, his former clients are welcome to contact him at or calling Saddleback at 603-942-5988. He has some availability for house calls and surgery and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs.

Dr. Davis lives in New Hampshire with his wife, Nancy Fantom; he serves as veterinarian for Saddleback Pet Services, works for some local humane organizations doing spays and neuters, and performs contracted relief and surgical work.  They have a small hobby farm and enjoy their house full of dogs and cats.  He has 3 wonderful children, Heather, Hope and Alex and is happily awaiting the arrival of Aiden, his first grandson.

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