Our facility was designed with the comfort, safety and health of your dog as our top priority.  We cater to owners and dogs that do not like the look and feel of a “typical” dog kennel.  We are a small facility so that we can monitor your dog and be flexible in our approach to their care.

As you enter the front door, you could be walking into a friend’s home – you will find a living room where we can discuss your dog’s routine and needs.  You are welcome to bring beds, blankets or a favorite toy to bring a little piece of home with you.

Our roomy inside kennels allow for each dog to have privacy from their neighbor to help increase their sense of security.  A quick step through a small door will bring your dog to their individual outdoor run where they can lie in the sun and get some fresh air.

We have poured seamless epoxy floors throughout the building. They stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter as we have radiant heat in both the indoor and outdoor runs.   Of course, all kennels, inside and out, are cleaned and disinfected daily to maintain a healthy environment.

We have 3 large, fenced outside play yards where the dogs get to exercise several times daily.  The yards have a grass and woods to allow dogs to do what they like best – be dogs!  They can sniff, run, play, splash in the kiddie pools or just relax outside.

Safety and security are important. The entire facility is on a fire alarm system that rings directly to the local fire department.  The kennel building is surrounded by a fence and has a security system as well.  The owner lives on the property and there is always someone at the house overnight.