Nancy and her team are so very impressive and have helped my family and I raise dogs that enhance our lives and are great friends and wonderful companions.  I would highly recommend Nancy to train any dog or as a wonderful place to board your best friend when you leave town.
– Brian Silfies, Concord, NH


Thanks so much for the terrific job you did with Brandy.  She’s a transformed dog!  I just want you to know how pleased we are and how grateful we are for fitting us in when you did.–J. Tiermy, New Hampshire


We wanted to thank you for introducing us to Kita and providing us with excellent support.  You truly are a great resource!  Kita has become a wonderful addition to our family.  We admire your dedication to animals & once again thank you for everything.– Kathy, Hopkinton, NH


Just a note to let you know that I am having lots of fun working with Whitney.  Being “dominant dog” in the household is much better!  I’m slowly gaining confidence with her outside – she was running free at a friend’s house and she came when she was called.  What a treat!  Thank you.– Lisah, Marblehead, MA


Thanks for taking such good care of us while our Mommy & Daddy were away.  We had lots of fun playing with you.  One of our favorite things to do is run off leash in the woods, that’s a special treat!!  Thanks for taking the time to help my foot get better; it is fine now that the stitches are out.  Thanks for treating us as special as you do.  Hope to see you again soon. – Dallas & Butkus, Manchester, NH


Thank you so much for training and caring for Whitey!  We really appreciate your efforts and dedication.  Thanks for the preparation talk before we brought him to his new home – it really meant a lot to us. Whitey is doing well and hopefully by following your guidelines he will continue to settle in.  See you in January!– Stephanie & Dave Leary, Mass


When we came to you, we were terrified that our little guy was a tortured soul.  The biting, aggression, and scary moments with him had us wondering if would be happier on the other side.  The day I called your office, I was in tears thinking he would have to go back to the rescue where he had been for so long only to meet his fate.  You were our only hope and we put our faith in that one meeting with you and hoped for the best.  Every day we refer to the list you gave us and work to “gain our points”.  We started slowly and just kept progressing.  He still has a little ways to go, but he has turned out to be the biggest snuggle bug ever!  He is sweet, loyal and loving.  We now have a happy house and a wonderful little dog.    There are times I feel the sadness of how close we were to giving up, but now I know he never has to worry about another meal, being hit, or having a warm bed to sleep in at night.  Thank you so much, Nancy, we owe you a huge thank you and we appreciate the work you did so much, you will never know.  Thank you a million times! – Sara & Mike, Barrington, New Hampshire

Nancy Fantom is known as the “dog whisperer of New England”. There are many trainers and behaviorists to choose from but Nancy is clearly the best I have come across in years of working with both rescue dogs and owned dogs. I have sent clients from NY, CT, RI and MA and everyone agrees: the drive to NH was well worth it!


Nancy connects with both humans and canines as she is one of those few people who just have true intuition. She is able to translate dog behavior into human language very well and makes training easy and fun for both dog and owner. Nancy has done miracles on some dogs other trainers/behaviorists had long given up on. She offers solutions to problems and follows through to be certain that her recommendations are working long term for the individual dog/owner.  Nancy will find solutions so both dog and owner can be happy.


All clients I have referred have received individualized top notch behavior/training services. I have consulted with Nancy regarding my own dogs (despite being an experienced owner) and found her suggestions extremely helpful. I hope that Nancy will be available as a training and behavior resource along with her excellent staff for many, many years to come!!!–Astrid Rapoza, MD, Boston, MA


Thank you for meeting with Tim and me today! You were very informative and helpful, and totally exceeded my expectations with your wealth of information!  Three friends had highly recommended you, and now we know why. Looking forward to employing your tips, as I’m just about to head out now with the “crazy” dog for a walk/run.   – L. Anderson, New Hampshire


I honestly find your work amazing and without you our more challenging dogs would never get a chance in life.–Maureen Ray, Billerica, MA, Animal Control Officer

Friends of ours recommended SaddleBack for training, so we decided to make the 61 mile trip for our 2 black lab puppies. With 2 young children at home, we wanted to make sure they received the best training. We elected to begin obedience training with 2 weeks of in-kennel training. When we watched Nancy work with Zach & Zoe through what they had learned — leading, sit/stay, down/stay, it amazed us. All of this, and there were no snacks given to them for their performance, just “good boy/girl caressing”.  They wanted to perform more!!


It has now been over 3 years and we can’t imagine bringing our dogs to anyone else when we go away.  We travel 3 hours round trip to drop them off. When I let the dogs out of the car, they head straight for the door and rush in to greet Nancy. They don’t even bother with the 2 dogs out front!  We wouldn’t hesitate to send our friends and their dogs your way for training and boarding. In regards to the boarding, we finally feel like we have been given the freedom to travel without worrying… We have never trusted anyone to care for and train our dogs the way we trust you. Thank you so much, and Zachary & Zoe thank you, too!–Mark and Cheryl McKenna, Essex, MA

Nancy Fantom at Saddleback Pet Services  provides top- notch animal training—and she does it for all the right reasons.  On two separate occasions, Nancy helped us solve several behavior challenges with two of our willful dogs.  She helped us understand what each was “thinking.”  Then she demonstrated how to shape behaviors so that each dog could clearly understand what we expected.   Nancy’s insight into dog behavio


r is nothing short of amazing.   A couple of months ago, we adopted a beautiful 4-year old boxer from Saddleback.  Nancy made sure that we were fully informed of the dog’s history and challenges, and that he was fully trained before we took him home.   She even followed up with us to help ensure our success.   Nancy Fantom is generous with her time and resources, and she’s fully invested in the success of every dog and family she serves.–April O’Keefe, Kittery, Maine

Dear Nancy, Thank you for coming to the house to work with April. The children learned a lot and you had a great way of exdplaining to them so they could understand what she was all about. We are so lucky to have found you. You are such a special person.– Dick and Ellen Hersey, Fremont NH


Time has gone by and I want to let you know how much we appreciate Kaia! She is sch a good friend to all of us here and is friendly towards he people and other dogs we meet. She is the perfect dog for me. I have absolutely no problems with her and I cannot understand why she was abandoned but I am grateful to the people who did! I am amazed on how lucky I was to have found her! She has settled here just like we all belong together!–Rejane, NH